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Concept Car Archive

Relive our concept car creations

Our one-of-a-kind concept cars are a very important showcase of future technology and styling themes. By giving our engineers and designers the freedom to express themselves, we can understand by gauging reaction which aspects of the cars will make their way to a Toyota you can buy in the future.

Here we highlight a selection of our recent concept car creations.

Toyota FT-Bh

Premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2011, our FT-Bh concept is a full hybrid car that showcased advances in energy efficiency and economy.

Five areas of improvements were targeted: weight reduction, aerodynamics, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electrical saving. As a result of this focus the FT-Bh concept car weighed less than a three-door Toyota Aygo, but offered the spaciousness of five-door B segment car, such as the Toyota Yaris.

With a 30% improvement in aerodynamics, downsized full hybrid system and optimised energy management, our engineers met their targets, creating a car that emitted half the levels of CO2 than that year’s B-segment cars.


To make the achievements of the project even greater, the FT-Bh wasn’t built using any of the exotic or expensive materials normally associated with concept cars. Because only manufacturing procedures commonplace in the automotive industry at the time were used in its development, not only were costs reduced but it made a very viable offering for mass-market sale.

Toyota FCV-R

The FCV-R concept car had its world premier at the Tokyo Motor show in 2011, and paved the way for the next step towards mass-produced hydrogen fuelled cars.

With unmistakable styling that revealed a ‘W’ motif both front and rear to symbolise the fuel cell cooling system packaged within its body, the sleek FCV-R had a unique road presence.

The greatest innovations though were hidden underneath the aerodynamic body. With a smaller fuel cell stack than previous FCV’s and two hydrogen fuel tanks located beneath the vehicles floor, both cabin and luggage space were maximised to make a very practical family car.

Cocooned in the cabin, you would be nestling on Japanese style ‘robed’ seats, facing a twin screen mounted in the centre console that provides smartphone-like infotainment controls and 3D navigation guidance. The system has been designed to integrate easily with your smartphone, displaying phone applications and relaying vehicle information back to your phone.


What really made the headlines though was its pioneering fuel cell credentials. Providing a driving range from its two hydrogen tanks of 700km, whilst generating no harmful emissions, the FCV-R really caught everyone’s attention when they realised only water came out of the exhaust!

Toyota NS4

The NS4 advanced plug-in hybrid was our concept car vision at the North American Auto Show in 2012. Showcasing a new styling direction for future models, the NS4 focussed heavily on safety and connectivity.


On the outside it featured a distinctive front grille, sculptured front bumper and swan-wing doors for easier access to the cabin. Under the body, a new advanced Hybrid Synergy Drive plug-in system powered the concept car. With a reduction in component size and weight, overall fuel consumption and acceleration improved, while at the same time driving range in its all-electric mode increased.

Inside the cabin, the driver could revel in a fully connected multimedia experience. With its smartphone-like interface mounted in the centre console, the internet enabled system allowed you to control navigation, music and vehicle systems, and was even capable of learning your habits and preferences - anticipating your every need.

There was another big step forward in occupant and pedestrian safety with the NS4. A new pre-collision detection system was fitted that featured next-generation technology, and this combined with other safety enhancements to our blind-spot monitoring and adaptive headlight systems. Pedestrian collision safety was also well integrated, and saw the rear of the bonnet pop-up automatically to reduce head injuries in the event of a collision.


The NS4 concept car showcased many advanced safety and connectivity features that will be available in production Toyota’s in the not too distant future.

Toyota diji

Our inspiring Toyota diji concept car took vehicle personalisation to new heights at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. It promoted a vision of society where we were not only more connected to our cars, but also to each other through our cars.

It wasn’t all fun in the diji, safety was taken seriously. Being connected to intelligent transport system technology meant you stayed safe at all times. A wide variety of local safety information captured from other vehicles and traffic infrastructure aided the driver of the diji to deal with dangers such as blind spots at junctions.


With ease, you would be able to personalise the entire body of your diji whenever you wish. By displaying messages and images on both exterior and interior panels, the diji is a blank canvas to express your personality.

Inside, the magic continued with similar personalisation functions enabling you to match the cabin ambience to your mood. Incredibly a holographic Navigation Concierge provided driving information and guidance to you through a voice interface, while all other navigation functions blended in seamlessly using augmented reality technology.

There wasn’t a need for a steering wheel in the diji concept car. A number of the driving functions could be accessed remotely, meaning you could control all the functions via smartphone. A network connection ensured that all the very latest software for diji’s drive, control and multimedia systems were always up to date.

It wasn’t all fun in the diji, safety was taken seriously. Being connected to intelligent transport system technology meant you stayed safe at all times. A wide variety of local safety information captured from other vehicles and traffic infrastructure aided the driver of the diji to deal with dangers such as blind spots at junctions.


If you like the sound of the diji concept car, you can see how the ideas and features have evolved even more with our FV2 concept shown in 2013 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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